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Environmental & Oil Spill Response

The Canflex Environmental & Oil Spill Response line of equipment is dedicated to the preparedness and fast clean up response to spills. A wide range of special material coatings are available for these products, which can be used in many environments and in many different applications, such as the storage and / or transport of fuels / hydrocarbons or waste products.

The Environmental & Oil Spill Response line of equipment consists of, but not limited to, Canflex Pillow Tank , Onion Self-Supporting Tanks , Collapsible Modular Frame Tanks, Oil Containment Boom, Decontamination / Containment Berms , Pumps & Power Packs and most notably the Canflex “Sea-Slug” Ocean Towable Bladder . These bladders are entirely constructed using dielectric-high frequency RF welding. This, combined with superior coated fabrics, hardware and engineering, has made the Canflex “Sea Slug” the best ocean towable bladder available on the global market. This material strength is critical for constructing a safe ocean towable bladder that can be filled, towed and off loaded repeatedly.

All Environmental & Oil Spill Response equipment is turnkey ready and collapsible for easy storage and economical transport. All the equipment complete with Certificates of Conformity and comprehensive Load Test Certificates. All products are Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Standard. Canflex (USA) Inc. holds certificate No FM 517957.

Environmental and Oil Spill Response Products
Canflex is a Major Manufacturer of Environmental & Oil Spill Response Products

Located in Anacortes Washington, Canflex’s manufacturing plant consists of three large warehouses where all production and general operations take place. Canflex carries a substantial inventory of environmental and oil spill response products. This is important in order to properly serve our clients in an emergency response situation, where preparedness and fast response time is paramount.

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