Sea Boom Inflatable

The Canflex “Sea Boom Inflatable” is a heavy duty boom designed for oil spill operations in a wide variety of conditions from sheltered water to open ocean waves.  Booms feature simple, rapid inflation, and high buoyancy to weight ratios giving them excellent wave following characteristics in demanding conditions.  Each section of the oil curtain boom is segmented into individual inflatable chambers ensuring that the boom will maintain positive buoyancy and continue to float in the event of any damage.

The material used in the construction of the inflatable oil containment boom is heavy duty PU-coated polyester fabric. This fabric is both strong and lightweight; giving rise to an extremely robust and high quality boom.  This durable polyurethane material can easily be repaired in the field should damage occur.  It is also highly resistant to oil, chemicals, all weather conditions, and UV light.  All seams and unions are high frequency welded; maintaining the excellent mechanical properties of the fabric and ensuring air and water tightness.

Some of the Sea Boom features are:

  • Small and large bulk storage capacities
  • Fast response tanks that take just minutes to set up with limited personnel
  • Deployable anywhere – the low profile of the Onion Tank provides stability on slopes up to 12.5 degrees allowing deployment with minimal site preparation
  • Multiple 2” thru 6” connections can be place anywhere on the tank providing the capability to discharge liquid quickly from any side of the tank
  • Material and all fittings are appropriate for either potable water or hydrocarbons
  • 15 millimeter replaceable inner liner for hydrocarbons or potable water (optional)
  • Loose fitted conical top cover (optional)

Applications include, but not limited to:

  • Spill Response
  • Hazmat Operations
  • Military Operations
  • Potable (drinking) Water Tank
  • Disaster Relief
  • Fuel Storage
  • Firefighting
  • Forestry Service
  • Wastewater
  • Portable Storage
  • Remote Storage
  • Gray Water Storage
  • Portable Water Tank
  • Chemical Storage
  • Remediation Projects

Capacities range from 2 to 94.6 m³ (500 to 25,000 gallons).

Technical Information

CANFLEX-Heavy Duty Containment Boom “OCB”

MODEL OCB-650 OCB-1100 OCB-1300 OCB-1500 OCB-2200
Freeboard 0.30 m (12 in) 0.38 m (15 in) 0.45 m (18 in) 0.5 m (20 in) 0.83 m(33 in)
Draft 0.20 m (8.0 in) 0.53 m (21.0 in) 0.63 m (25 in) 0.70 m (28 in) 0.94 m (37 in)
Section Lengths 15m/ 25m(50ft/ 82ft) 25m/ 50m(82ft/ 164ft) 30m/ 50m/ 100m(100ft/ 164ft/ 328ft) 30m /50m/ 100m(100ft/ 164ft/ 328ft) 50m/100m/200m(164ft/ 328ft/ 656ft)
Ballast Galvanized chain 8.0 mm(5/16″) 8.0 mm(5/16″) 12.7 mm(1/2″) 12.7 mm(1/2″) 12.7 mm(1/2″)
Chamber Length 30 m(118 in) 30 m(118 in) 30 m(118 in) 4.5 m(177 in) 4.5 m(177 in)
End connector ASTM or Pin ASTM or Pin ASTM or Pin ASTM or Pin ASTM or Pin
Weight with chain 5.0 kg/m (3.35 lb/ft) 8.1 kg/m (5.4 lb/ft) 10.0 kg/m (6.7 lb/ft) 12.5 kg/m (8.38 lb/ft) 17.0 kg/m (11.4 lb/ft)
Material-Weight Urethane-1668 g/m2(49 oz/yd2) Urethane-1668 g/m2(49 oz/yd2) Urethane-1668 g/m2(49 oz/yd2) Urethane-2,618 g/m2(77 oz/yd2) Urethane-2,618 g/m2(77 oz/yd2)
Tensile Strength 5,340 N(1200 lbs) 5,340 N(1200 lbs) 5,340 N(1200 lbs) 5,780 N(1300 lbs) 5,380 N(1300 lbs)
High Temperature-Heat Resistance +80 deg C(+160 deg F) +80 deg C(+160 deg F) +80 deg C(+160 deg F) +82 deg C(+180 deg F) +80 deg C(+160 deg F)
Low Temperature- Cold track -45 deg C(-50 deg F) -45 deg C(-50 deg F) -45 deg C(-50 deg F) -60 deg C(-51 deg F) -60 deg C(-51 deg F)
Color Black or Orange Black or Orange Black or Orange Black or Orange Black or Orange
Recommended Application River Harbor/Ports/Coastal Open Bays/Nearshore Open Waters/Terminals Deep Sea/Offshore
SeaBoom 650
Freeboard : 12 in / .30 m
Draft : 8 in / .20 m
Sea Boom OCB 1100
Freeboard : 15 in / .38 m
Draft : 21 in / .53 m
Freeboard : 18 in / .45 m
Draft : 25 in / .63 m
Freeboard : 20 in / .5 m
Draft : 28 in / .70 m
Sea Boom OCB 2200
Freeboard : 33 in / .83 m
Draft : 37 in /.94 m