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Decontamination Cleaning Stations / Secondary Fluid Containment Berms

These berms are used for wash down and decontamination of equipment and personnel. In addition to functioning as a decontamination station, these berms are also used as secondary fluid containment. This product is often used in conjunction with the Canflex Pillow Tank, as well as other Canflex products.

Petroleum products, industrial chemicals, waste water, liquid food products and a wide variety of other liquids can be safely and efficiently washed down in the Canflex Decontamination Cleaning Stations. The unit includes the floor and the air inflatable sides with a high volume hand pump for inflation.

Some of the Decontamination Cleaning Stations features are:

  • Air filled chambers making up the side walls are available in 12″ thru 36″ in diameter.
  • Each chamber has two Munson valves for inflation and deflation.
  • Each air chamber is equipped with a 1 PSI automatic relief valve to prevent over inflation.
  • Corner drain available in sizes 2″ thru 6″.
  • Durable fabrics allow vehicles and machinery to be driven in and out of containment berm repeatedly.
  • Replaceable liners for easy maintenance and longevity (optional).
  • Handles located around perimeter for easy setup and packing.
  • Tie Downs with welded PVC grommets situated around the berm perimeter (optional).
  • Easily placed under valves and fittings, vehicles or machinery.
  • Totally reusable and compact.
  • Can be easily cleaned, folded and stored for reuse.

Applications include, but not limited to:

  • Fracking Sites
  • Cleaning / Deicing
  • Vehicle / Equip. Repair
  • Fast Response
  • Mining locations
  • Sec. Containment
  • Tank Containment
  • Vehicle Containment
  • Homeland Security
  • Remediation Projects

All sizes are available.

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