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Collapsible Modular Frame Tanks- Oil Spill – Storage

The Canflex Collapsible Modular Frame Tanks are foldable tanks with a quick and easy to assemble aluminum structure with liner, used for oil spill response, environmental operations, and spill recovery.

The frame is made of anodized aluminum 6061-T6 suitable for marine and other harsh environments. All fittings are made from cast anodized marine grade aluminum. All nuts, bolts and washers integral to the fittings are made of stainless steel.

The Frame Tanks are incredibly stable and designed for use on a variety of terrain. The uprights and cross members of the aluminum structure are all interchangeable, making these tanks “modular”. One set of frames can be used for several different size tanks. All that is needed are liners of the desired capacity. This characteristic not only makes this an extremely versatile product, but also more economical for the client.

Some of the Frame Tanks features are:

  • Small and large bulk storage capacities.
  • No tools required for setup.
  • Fast response tanks that take just minutes to set up with limited personnel.
  • Modular design (one set of frames can make multiple tanks).
  • Multiple 2” thru 6” connections can be placed anywhere on the tank providing the capability to discharge liquid quickly from any side of the tank.
  • All fitting are appropriate for either potable water or hydrocarbons..
  • 15 millimeter replaceable inner liner for hydrocarbons or potable water (optional).
  • Loose fitted conical top cover (optional).
  • Custom Clip-Lok style storage / shipping crate.

Applications include, but not limited to:

  • Spill Response
  • HAZMAT Operations
  • Military Operations
  • Potable (drinking) Water Tank
  • Disaster Relief
  • Forestry Service
  • Firefighting
  • Chemical Storage
  • Wastewater
  • Aquaculture Farming
  • Remote Storage
  • Fuel Storage
  • Gray Water Storage
  • Portable Water Tank
  • Remediation Projects

Capacities range from 2 to 189 m³ (530 to 50,000 gallons).

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Photo Gallery – Low Profile Frame Tank

Photo Gallery- Frame Tanks

Video Gallery – Frame Tanks

The Modular design of the Canflex Frame Tank

Frame Tanks - capacities of 500 thru 50,000 USG

Filling tanker from Canflex Frame Tank

Deployment and Filling (20,000 US gallons)

Offloading 20,000 US gallons and repacking

:: Frame Tank Accessories

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