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Oil Spill Response Training

In June of 2015 Canflex traveled down to Pensacola Florida to team with the crew of the United States Coast Guard Cutter Cypress and the National Strike Force Team to aid in the hands-on training in the area of Oil Spill Response. The training focused mainly in the use of the United States Coast Guard’s SORS (Spilled Oil Recovery System) equipment found on sixteen JUPITER Class Buoy Tenders (WLBs), all of which Canflex has supplied a comprehensive training. The SORS equipment consists of: Two 60-foot inflatable Fast Sweep Booms, Two 42-foot Outrigger Arms, Hydraulic Hoses, One SORS Control Stand, One Submersible Pump, Two 50 cubic meter capacity Canflex Ocean Towable Bladders, Two 100 cubic meter capacity Canflex Ocean Towable Bladders and One Weir Skimmer capable of pumping skimmed oil at the rate of 440 gallons per minute.

Canflex’s main goal for the training was to familiarize the crew of the Cypress in the operations and capabilities of the Ocean Towable Bladders. This included the deployment, filling, sea trials, off loading and retrieval of the Canflex Bladders. This process ensures that the various crews of the USCG Buoy Tenders are ready for an emergency response situation, where preparedness and fast response time is paramount.

One of the 50 cubic meter bladders was deployed on deck for a parts inventory and orientation. The crews were instructed on all features of the bladder including the attached and unattached items. After being familiarized with the bladder it was raised with an overhead crane and deployed into the water. Using a Weir Skimmer, the bladder was filled with 50 cubic meters of sea water and moored to the side of the vessel.

The Cypress left the harbor to perform maneuvers in open water with the filled Canflex Bladder being towed in a side-by-side fashion. The vessel reached speeds of up to 5 knots having no adverse effect on the bladder or maneuverability of the Buoy Tender. The Canflex Ocean Towable Bladder performed excellent. The internal floatation and robust design of the bladder was apparent to all.