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Truck or Boat Mountable Tanks

Canflex Truck Mountable Pillow Tanks are normally “pillow” shaped tanks having a low profile. Hydrocarbon products, drinking water, industrial chemicals, waste-water, liquid food products and a wide variety of other liquid products can be safely and efficiently stored in the Canflex Pillow Tanks. These foldable pillow shaped tanks are made for mounting on flatbed trucks or boats. These tanks, used for bulk liquid storage and transportation, store liquids similar to the standard Canflex Pillow Tank . This style of tank allows standard trucks, trailers and boats to become tankers and can be customized to suit any vehicle size, providing a volume range from 250 to 20,000 US gallons. Truck tank hold harness made of 5” reinforced webbing is included.

Available accessories include: ground sheets, UV covers, thermal blankets, heating pads, bed liners, inflatable secondary containment , fluid pumping systems , hoses, ball valves, webbing harness securing systems, repair kit, etc.

All fittings are high quality anodized marine grade aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. Fill and discharge hose connections are generally cam-lock type, connection sizes depend on the user’s needs. Spark arrestors are standard for flammable liquid applications.

Some of the Truck Mountable Tank features are:

  • Handles welded around the perimeter allow for easy setup and packing.
  • Customized to suit any vehicle / boat size.
  • Allow standard trucks, trailers and boats to become tankers.
  • Complete filling and offloading systems supplied.
  • All fittings are appropriate for either potable water or hydrocarbons.
  • Truck tank hold harness made of 3″- 5″ Certified reinforced webbing is included.

Applications include, but not limited to:

  • Spill Response
  • HAZMAT Operations
  • Military Operations
  • Potable / Fresh Water Tank
  • Truck / Boat Portable Tank
  • Beverage Distribution
  • Fuel Transport
  • Sewage Transport
  • Disaster Relief *
  • Remediation Projects
  • Forestry Service
  • Firefighting
  • Chemical Storage
  • Construction Sites
  • Agri. / Farming

*Transport and storage of essential fluids to populations effected by tsunamis, earthquakes, etc..

Capacities range from 1 m³ to 75.7 m³ (250 to 20,000 US gal).

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Canflex Truck- Boat PillowTank Table

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Photo Gallery – Truck Mountable Tank

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Canflex Pillow Tank (Animation by Cevipetrol)

Truck Mountable Pillow Tank (Ani. by Cevipetrol)

Canflex Pillow Tank - sizes 250 thru 264,000 USG

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